"It has been my great pleasure over the years to help many writers on the road to publication." — Irina Dunn



This includes a comprehensive written report on the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, with general and specific suggestions on how to proceed with it.

It is always advisable to get an assessment done before you contract an editor to work on your manuscript as the assessment may show up structural and other big picture items that need to be fixed before the polish of a final edit.


Irina Dunn offers thorough copy editing on your manuscript. While still in primary school, she  studied a subject called "Parsing and Analysis" that prepared her well for the task of copy editing. Publishers have commented on how "clean" Irina's manuscripts are, thus obviating the need for them to pay copy editors to do the same work.


If Irina thinks your manuscript is publishable after taking you through the above two steps, she will approach publishers on your behalf and keep you informed about correspondence with them. If you are offered a contract she will provide advice on the contract.

NOTE: If you are first-time writer, you should limit the word count on your manuscripts to a maximum of 90k words. Publishers will not take on large manuscripts from new writers because they are too costly to produce. Remember, the rule of thumb is, publishers need to sell about 5,000 copies of a book just to recoup their costs.