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 Michael Wilding Alison Green david williamson Debra Oswald Richard Glover

From left to right: Michael Wilding, Alison Green, David Williamson, Debra Oswald, Richard Glover


“Page, Stage and Screen”

In 2016, with the theme of “Page, Stage and Screen”, the Bellingen Readers & Writers Festival is delighted to welcome Australia’s most popular playwright David Williamson, ABC broadcaster, Sydney Morning Herald columnist and author Richard Glover, Michael Wilding, winner of the 2015 Prime Minister’s Award for non-fiction for his highly acclaimed work Wild Bleak Bohemia: Marcus Clarke, Adam Lindsay Gordon and Henry Kendall, and Independent politician Tony Windsor.

Other guests include:

  • playwrights Debra Oswald and Tommy Murphy
  • novelists Mark Dapin, Jane Messer, Greg Barron and Jim Anderson
  • young adult fantasy writer Lynette Noni
  • poets Judith Rodriguez, Peter Bakowski and Les Wicks and 2015 national Poetry Slam finalist John Donellan
  • blogger Lee Kofman and webisode writer Kacie Anning
  • journalists Martin McKenzie-Murray (The Saturday Paper) and newspaper publisher Lawrence Gibbons (Alternative Media Group)
  • publishers Alison Green (Pantera Press), Lyn Gain (Valentine Press) and David Reiter (Interactive Press)
  • newly published writers Lesley Truffle, Helen Chebatte, Leah Kaminsky and Kim Hodges

Also appearing at the festival are Graham Potts, a serving member of the Australian Air Force who writes thrillers, and Janet Richardson, a pilot who turned to fiction to get a conservation point of view across to her readers. Local historian Ross Macleay takes you on a walk through Bellingen's food and drink landscape, from gleaning and foraging to affogato, and provides a social history of eating and drinking in the town.

Held in the Memorial Hall, panel sessions are:

  • Fifty plays and still going strong: Irina Dunn interviews David Williamson
  • Death threats be damned, I’m going to stand! Irina Dunn interviews Tony Windsor
  • The creative process: how hard is it to write?
  • Breaking into the market: four authors tell how they did it
  • Is infotainment taking the place of news? What is news anyway?
  • Stagefright, screenfright: when your words refuse to perform
  • Why is fiction so difficult to write, or is it?
  • Bucking the Trend: Pantera Press showcase
  • The way of the future: online, digital and radio writing
  • Why write poetry when nobody ever reads it?
  • Truth and authenticity in fiction
  • Are they going to sue me if I write this? Memoir and biography

You must not miss Q & A Bellingen style chaired by Richard Glover, when the audience has an opportunity to throw questions to a distinguished panel of writers and journalists from the floor of the Memorial Hall.

The festival honours and celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the region’s Gumbaynggirr people, offering you the opportunity to learn some of their language at a talk by Steve Morelli after “Welcome to Country” at the Cocktail Party.

The Opening Night Party is on Friday 10 June (The Brewery), and a Dinner with the Literati on Saturday 11 June (The Old Butter Factory), and the ever popular Poetry Slam also features on Saturday 11 June (Memorial Hall).

Get in early and buy your tickets before they sell out.

Tickets are available at

Inquiries to Program Director Irina Dunn on 0403 486 363.



Mark Dapin Jane Messer Tony Windsor Judith Rodriguez Martin McKenzie Murray kristen williamson

From left to right: Mark Dapin, Jane Messer, Tony Windsor, Judith Rodriguez, Martin McKenzie-Murray, Kristin Williamson